Sulphur is a bi-annual literary journal published by Laurentian University’s English Arts Society in Sudbury, Ontario. Each volume contains a collection of prose, poetry, and art centered around a central them. With submissions from new and established writers and artists from the Greater Sudbury Community, Sulphur strives to represent Northern Ontario’s immense and diverse creative talent.

The journal is printed by Laurentian Printing Services, with design and production by Lambda Publications.


Managing Editor: Kayla May


An East Coast girl raised in Central Texas. Kayla started her writing career at a very early age and continued to develop her skills as an author and editor into university. She lives in a house on a hill with her two children, cat (Peaches), and fish (Sharkbait).




Emmett Turkington


Born, raised, and educated in Sudbury, Ontario with Nickel running through his veins. Developing a fondness for odd books  at a  young age, Emmett went on to pursue a degree in English Literature  and Philosophy  at Laurentian University. It was during  his  time as an undergraduate that he and a handful of his fellow English students  created Sulphur. Since the journal’s creation,  Emmett has  been involved as an editor, speaker, writer and event planner.  When he’s not busy planning out future issues, Emmett can be found playing bass in various local bands, eating fancy cheeses,  writing in  the dark, or napping with his cat Virgil.


Brendan Vidito

554274_10151080056115299_750317433_n Short story author, novelist, and horror movie fanatic living in Sudbury, Ontario. He holds a degree in English Literature at  Laurentian University. His first novel, The Beholder of Light (iUniverse), was  published at the age of sixteen. His more recent work can be  found in the April 2015 issue of Infernal Ink Magazine. When he’s not busy writing, Brendan is most likely skulking around the damp,  night  streets of downtown Sudbury, or inside his apartment watching bizarre and often disturbing movies.


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